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Second Chances (Passion and Perseverance, #2) This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN B06VTTK588.You Know The Beginning Of Their Story, You Ve Read First Impressions, But Are You Ready For What Happens Next Secrets Schemes Second Chances After Finally Committing To A Relationship, Do Beth And Darcy Have What It Takes To Make It Last Or Is Their Passion For Each Other The Only Thing Holding Them Together Can They Each Compromise On Their Need For Control After Finally Beginning To Work Through Their Issues, Beth Feels A Glimmer Of Hope For What Their Future Can Hold On Top Of That, New Clients At Work Have Given Her The Opportunity To Expand What Services The Gardner Group Can Offer, Making Her Even Valuable To The Company One Client In Particular, Who Is Soon To Become Family, Is Very Determined To Work With Beth On Her Upcoming Project Yet, At The Exact Same Moment, A Moment When Compromise Seems Like The Biggest Hurdle Darcy And Beth Will Face, A Dangerous Ghost From Darcy S Past Returns With One Goal In Mind Getting Back What Belongs To Her Coincidence Maybe Not.How Long Can Darcy Keep His Past Hidden How Long Will He Be Able To Protect Beth From His Past Before It Catches Up To Them And What Happens When It Inevitably Does Are You Ready For Passion More Perseverance Beth And Darcy S Journey Continues In This Second Installment Of The Passion And Perseverance Series, Second Chances.

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    This is the second in a series of three Although Darcy and Elizabeth have found love there is still the matter of his ex and how she continues to influence his relationship with Elizabeth He has abstained for 5 years and now that he has found love, he also discovers that his ex in in townback from Italy He knows her reasons for coming back can t be anything good.He has related to Elizabeth details of his histor

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    come on bring it on Update 30.05.2017First of all, I have to re say how much I loved the first installment of this series I loved the adaptation for PP with the modern touch I loved the characters and the steamy scenes were oh so very steamyAnd then, I read this one..This continuum of Beth Darcy love path.I don t know how to put the finger on it I felt a bit off It took me a really long time to finish reading it I didn

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    This is a sexy modern version of Pride and Prejudice far from the G rated orginal like a rated R.It is a well written enticing romance with the kink in the bedroom people desire in many books so popular...

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    Gwenbryant57 i really like both books but thought darcy was not being fair to beth.can t wait for next book wish it wasn t so long a wait Long to wait please try to get out soon as possible And I will be happy when caro gets hers.

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    Well thenI have enjoyed reading this story That being said, I would rather have the whole story at one time instead of parts Not a fan of cliff hangers that I have to wait months for.

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    Too passionateA lot of passionate momrnts that seemed to lengthen the story Nevertheless, very interesting variation, a good follow up to the first The 2 main characters are a little petty but then again being sma...

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    The story of Darcy s and Elizabeth s romance continues in this modern variation of Pride and Prejudice But not for me, I didn t like the swearing, I skipped all of the many sex scenes and I still didn t like the chracters.

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    The 1st book in this series managed the plot through sexual tension, Wickham, and Catherine de Bourg this 2nd book uses Caroline as the enemy She has played significant mind games with Darcy in the past Darcy and Elizabeth must learn to trust and find their way through The end is ...

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