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What Would Freud Do?: How the Greatest Psychotherapists Would Solve Your Everyday Problems ok uzun zamand r ba ucu kitab m olarak komodinimin st nde aresizce okunmay bekleyen bu kitab sonunda derslerden ve me guliyetlerimden kurtularak k sac k bir s rede okuyup bitirdim Psikoloji ve insan beyninin i leyi i her zaman ilgimi ekmi ti ve bu kitab n ba lang olarak ok iyi bir kaynak oldu unu d n yorum Kafa kar t r c a klamalar n olmamas ve a r ya ka p bunaltan medikal terimlere kitapta yer verilmemesi okumay kolayla t r yor Psikoloji dersi i in de ayr ca tercih edilebilece Written in very easily digestible bits it is bright, breezy, enjoyable and informative. PDF Epub What Would Freud Do How The Greatest Psychotherapists Would Solve Your Everyday Problems Author Sarah Tomley Oknalubliniec.eu What Would Freud Douses The Key Ideas Of Than 80 Psychological Thinkers, Past And Present, To Shine New Light Onto Today S Everyday Problems Ever Wondered What A Great Therapist Like Freud Or Jung Would Have To Say About Your Horrible Boss, Your Phone Checking Addiction Or An Occasional Wish To Cheat On Your Partner Ever Wished Someone Would Explain Why You Sometimes Act Like An Idiot Just When You Want To Look Good, Or Generally Keep Doing Things You Don T Really Want To Do From Erich Fromm On How To Find Mr Mrs Right, To Jaak Panksepp On Road Rage And Magda Arnold On How To Deal With Banter , These Theorists Have Intriuging Suggestions For Ways To See And Do Things Differently Divided Into Five Sections, Including What Am I Like , And Why Am I Acting Like This , Other Questions Include My Family S A Nightmare Shall I Cut Them Off Is My Partner Lying To Me Why Do I Keep Buying The Same Brand All The Time How Can I Stop People Unfriending Me On Social Media Why Do I Lie When She Says Does My Bum Look Big In This With Sarah Tomley S Enlightening Commentary Throughout, This Book Provides The Answers To The Most Deep And Meaningful Or, Indeed, Shallow And Meaningless Questions That You Have Ever Pondered A Pocket Guide To Facing The Hurdles And Obstacles Of Life, With The Advice Of All The Greatest Psychologists At Your Fingertips. ,. What Would I Do If, like me, you buy a book to see how you might learn to resolve a problem, then this book is a reversal of this process.There are common, modern or timeless problems, like, Why do I need to keep checking my phone , or If I m in a relationship, why would I have an affair The explanation isn t just what Freud would do, but psychotherapists through the ages, such as Erickson or Albert Ellis.Not all the problems I have are menti Great read Filled with various models and concise summary of theories that are relevant to the questions Very applicable, engaging and insightful Interesting perspectives and quotes as well, this is highly recommended It is an awesome book that the author applies most of the psychology theories to explain our daily life problems, which is very practical with detailed explanation. I very much enjoyed this book But some topics lead to same theories repetitively, and were discussed on the surface. Psikolojiyle ilgilenenlerin ba ucu kitab olabilir rnekler zerinden kuramlar olduk a g zel a klanm. I wouldn t call it a self help motivation book or a solution to your everyday problems What it does is, it asks the sort of small conundrums that people face in their daily lives and try to give a psychological perspective on that inclusive of solutions, which are sometimes intuitive Out of all suc

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