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A Trap for the Potentate (The Dark Herbalist Book #3) Thoroughly enjoyed itI have enjoyed this series immensely Lots of twists and turns Cannot wait for the next one Highly recommended read. Not as good as the first two Some situations plot hooks are presented, and then abandoned for example his girlfriend getting mad at him and being jealous of an NPC , then the end comes and just stops without any resolution I gave the other books 4 stars, but this feels like half a novel. The Great Hunt Is Over In The End, Timothy Managed To Keep His Invaluable Prize A Victory Perhaps But Glory And Adrenaline Are Very Powerful Narcotics, And Tolerance Builds Quickly Once Deprived Of Them, Life Immediately Becomes Gray And Bleak What S , His Beautiful Lover To Be Accurate, Both Of Them Is Beginning To Transparently Hint That She Could Find Herself A Interesting Beau.What Is A Talented Player To Do In This Case The Solution Suggests Itself Rush Headlong Into The Most Dangerous Adventures, Taking Risks And Walking The Blade Of A Knife Timothy Must Do Everything In His Power To Survive In Places Where Making A Clean Escape Is Entirely Impossible, Delighting The Viewers With His Utterly Unique Playing Style And Proving Decisively To His Lady To Be Accurate Both Of Them , That His Previous Success Was No Mere Coincidence.Will It Be Hard Very But Old Reliable Friends Are Still By His Side, And That Means Victory Is Possible I ve gotten really behind on tracking my books so these are going to be quick.Descent continuation of the series but feels a little disjointed at times I get that he setting up a mystery and plot for future books but he s just put too much into this one view spoiler Not a big fan of the ending Hoooo boy.Yet another excellent installment of the Dark Herbalist series Crazy adventures, romance, and leveling oh my Looking forward to the audio book as usual Oh yeah.THERE S A TWIST The only drawback to getting the book the day it comes out is making it to the end and knowing there are months at least until the next one Solidly enjoyable, and like the previous two, a rollercoaster with a few twists that are completely unexpected. Another hit from Michael I hope Emra would be smarter in the next book and do whats right in stead of what will get him experiance points and he and Stacia would bond deeper I thought Kira was taken out of story too suddenly without discussion Can t wait for next one. Oh how I have missed thisPretty good book but felt very short Didn t seem to have the substance the other 2 did but left on a huge cliffhanger I can t believe I m going to have to wait another forever for the next book Well if you read this review you know the books so I will not repeat the best parts the way he describes the life in the game.Now it was really hard for me to rate it Until 80% it s 5 stars then suddenlySPOILERWTF Why do we have again and again the same tropes and the main character begins to act as a compete retard 1 Those who want to kill him are immigrants for the middle east Would it be possibl Tja, das war es dann wohl mit der Serie Plotspr nge ohne Ende und belst sexistisch Weg von sch nen Anf ngen zur d mlichsten Art, wie man Rollenspiel betreiben kann Entt uschend auf jeder Ebene.Ok, einen Stern f r das Ende, aber trotzdem, im Ganzen unerfreulich.

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