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Optimisfits Optimisfits, is relatable, encouraging and thought provoking and true Thank you Ben Courson for writing about Optimisfits and how to become one So, I was privileged to be apart of a launch team for this book, and thus I was able to get a pre released e copy It has been soooo amazing There are so many things in here that will blow your mind, make you think about your mind, and make you laugh soo hard It was much like Bens other books, but much longer and even full of hope and redefining life as we know it really I encourage anyone who reads it to be prepared for some radical ideas, laughs, realizations, and I suppose I could liken it to a flash of light, just a burst of refreshing optimism Always remember though that this hope is never found anywhere but in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and it requires a lot of surrender and trust But it is the best possible thing you could do for yourself and the world WARNING This book may cause the reader to want to start dancing and or go do something out of the ordinary, go share this with someone else, transform the world, or I don t know, LOW KEY WORLD DOMINATION MWAHAHAHAHA All opinions are my own and now it s up to you to go taste and see what hope can look like May this book lead you to the source of all things good. Ben Courson Is A Vital Voice For This Generation Rich Wilkerson Jr This Book Will Give You Clear And Simple Direction To Unleash Hope, Faith, And Optimism In Your Life As You Become An Optimisfit Levi Lusko Op Ti Mis Fit, N A Nonconformist, An Adventurer, A Person Who Lives With Wild Abandon, Childlike Wonder, And Unapologetic OptimismYou Were Never Meant To Fit In You Were Made To Stand OutWith Passion, Purpose, A Large Dose Of Humor, And A Wild Sense Of Wonder, Optimisfits Offers A Road Map For A Better Way To Live It S Calling You To Seize Your Status As An Outsider And Wage A Fierce Rebellion Against The Hopelessness Of The World By Living Out An Intensely Optimistic Approach To Every DayBen Courson And A Band Of Misfits Invite You To Join Them On An Epic Adventure With God And With The Squad Hopeisdope And It S Time To Spread It Like Fire Are You Ready To Make A Real Difference And Ignite The World Join The Optimisfits And See Sparks Fly God s miracle indeed that I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher If you know the darkness of depression, or know someone who has, allow God to intercede while Ben leads you on an encouraging journey of hope Jesus walked the earth human, choosing to use his God given power of discernment, to focus and remain strong in matters of eternity having faith that God s Grace would carry Him through He did NOT remain wallowing in the heartbreak of the moment He continued to display the true heart of His ABBA DADDY and follow through until it was finished To show us how.Optimisfits is not written by a random, silver spoon dude all hopped up on the idea of Jesus and the legalism of religion, being blind to the real sufferings of others.Ben Courson is a linguistic profit displaying tangible life struggles and circumstances that could have even the strongest mind questioning God s heart Ben spits truth into your wounds It hurts so good.Optimisfits is an invitation into Ben s personal journey of GOD S HOPE through a heavenly understanding of scripture and science A greater wisdom that some things are simply beyond understanding and that the effect of things we CAN KNOW will certainly pull our generation out of the darkness We are called to shimmer in the shadows To show others how Squad up Join us. We don t wink at suffering We don t act like pain isn t real We just choose to face it and conquer it Optimisfits P 28Life gets hard That is the understatement of the century Struggles are real, pain is real, depression is oh so real In Optimisfits, Ben shines Biblical light on the truth about depression, life s ups and downs, and how to live with joy no matter the circumstances He addresses the tough topics with God s Word and a heart that s been through valleys and stood on mountaintops.Courson acknowledges the gritty, sometimes painful reality of life while choosing to be optimistic He doesn t gloss over the canyons in life, he chooses to see them as they really are and make them something beautiful with God s goodness and unconditional, never ending love He explains the intense need we have for fellowship and how much God made us for growing together as His children.Ben s experiences coupled with his brilliant discoveries and deep study of God s Word give a genuine and heartfelt call to live this life as Optimisfits Choosing to see problems as they are, but knowing the Light is there, even in the darkness Especially in the darkness This book reminds us that God has never called us to fit in We re to stand out, live with childlike wonder and wild abandon as Ben likes to say Find your squad, find your hope, dig for that Light in the midst of darkness Ben combines Biblical truth, God given wisdom, mind blowing facts, and plenty of humor to bring a message of hope to each and every one of us.I ve been honored to be able to read this advanced copy thanks to Ben and the launch team All opinions are my own.Now go get this book So excited to be part of such an amazing and impactful project I received an advance copy from the publisher and just finished Optimisfits Ah, where do I begin on this book I am recommending Optimisfits to everyone I know Actually, I take that back I already have, so now I m recommending it to everyone I don t know I believe this book should be in the hands of everyone young and old It s a beautiful combination of whimsical, yet real It s a raw uncut diamond, a jewel waiting to be seen by all Optimisfits encourages us to not conform to the cookie cutter society, but to truly be who God has made us to be We are not meant to be stressed and depressed, we are meant to laugh in the face of fear and enjoy the life we have I am confident in my guarantee that you will not regret reading Optimisfits. Ben s Courson s new book Optimisfits is much like life itself a swiftly moving river with all kinds of twists, turns, shallows, rapids, and thrilling waterfalls Life s river speeds us on towards an unknown delta and beyond Ben s book challenges us to hang on and enjoy the ride with enthusiasm, expectation, hope, and love Love of God, His creation, each other, and every experience we encounter Even in the dark times, the lonely times, the heart wrenching times, Ben shows us how to have hope and joy because we belong to the One eternally seated on His throne And just around the next bend or over the next waterfall, God has unimaginable blessings waiting for us.Ben s writing style is quirky and unique It speeds up, then slows down It takes you to a high mountaintop panoramic view, then dives down to a lengthy explanation of a specific concept or example To be honest, it took about 10 chapters for me to jump on board with his thought process And it took to the very end of the book for me to finally understand why the book is written the way it is I m not going to explain further, because SPOILERS I knew nothing about Ben before reading Optimisfits I still don t know his life story This is not a straightforward memoir, but snippets of his life experiences are sprinkled throughout Just enough to want to sit down for an afternoon with him and have an engaging conversation about God, the Bible, life, and hope Ben s intelligence, wit, and compassion are on full display in this fast compelling read I ended the book with a smile on my face and hope in my heart I hope that you will as well.I received an advance copy from the publisher and all opinions are my own. I haven t read the book yet but I m going to and I already know it s going to be 5 stars as Ben courson is awesome Optimisfits Igniting A Fierce Rebellion Against Hopelessness is a call to reach towards something that seems to be in short supply hope Author Ben Courson explains what an optimisfit is in this funny, honest read He shares stories of his Squad of very different friends and how they continue to enjoy this life to the fullest Ben also provides anecdotes from people in history that he feels embodies the spirit of an optimisfit The question then remains are you willing to become a hope dealer This book s message is something that will reach across generations With record numbers of suicide, depression and anxiety that plague our world today, Optimisfits offers a better way to face struggles honesty and vulnerability within safe circles There are also encouragements throughout the book to remain different, to stand in our own uniqueness amidst assimilation, and to seek God s will for our lives, even when they do not look like the lives we envisioned I have not read any of Ben s work before, but the idea that we can be open about where our battles lie, admit we don t have it all together and still be effective in God s community are important messages We don t have to be perfect to make a difference or to offer hope Often we think we are the only ones struggling and turn to isolation This book will encourage the reader to seek friends who can support you through tough times, as well as happy times There is also encouragement to seek, savor and enjoy the wonder that surrounds us in the world Ben writes in a very down to earth way with a maturity beyond his years He is connected to a generation that thinks outside the box, does not want to conform to the societal norms, and wants to make a true difference as a result of doing things differently I noticed throughout the book that some see optimism as an idea that isn t based on the real world, you CAN be optimistic, while at the same time, admitting life isn t always perfect It means latching onto the hope we have in Christ and pushing that hope outward, changing the culture in the process I was excited to read an early review PDF thanks to Harvest House All opinions are my own.

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