[ Epub ] ❧ Get out of Town (Riverdale, Novel #2) Author Scholastic Inc. – 1sm.info

Get out of Town (Riverdale, Novel #2) The Gang Decides They Re Due For A Little Black Hood Free Fun, So They Head Out For An Epic Road Trip To Chicago To Visit Archie S Mom When Archie S Too Busy Daydreaming To Drive, Veronica Takes The Driver S Seat Naturally Betty Wants To See The Important Sights, And Jughead Just Wants To Find The Best Diners They Re All So Preoccupied That They Almost Miss The Red Pickup Truck That Seems To Be Everywhere They Are At The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, The Cedar Point Amusement Park, The Mall Of America And The White Palace Diner Could It Be A Coincidence Or Could The Troubles Of Riverdale Have Followed Them Across State Lines

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