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Get Out of Town When Archie, Betty, Veronica And Jughead Take A Road Trip, They Discover That Their Small Town Problems Seem To Follow Them Wherever They GoArchie S On Trial For Murder, And The Evidence Is Stacked Against Him Betty, Veronica, And Jughead All Know That Archie Is Being Framed By Hiram Lodge, But How Can They Prove It The Gang Comes Up With A Last Ditch Plan To Prove Archie S Innocence They Have To Go Back To The Scene Of The Crime They Have To Go Back To Shadow LakeThreats Are Around Every Corner Deep In The Woods At The Lodge Family Cabin Will The Teens Find The Evidence They Need To Clear Archie S Name And Importantly, Will They Make It Back To Riverdale Alive

10 thoughts on “Get Out of Town

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    From the original murder among Blossom brothers, to the sticky underside of the maple syrup trade From the Riverdale Re

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    The second original novel set in the Riverdale universe, which I enjoyed even than the first These are surprisingly good, and I say s

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    I have read the first and now the second in this series and have really enjoyed them Normally I watch a movie or series first, then read the boo

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    This book is about what I consider one of the absolute dumbest, most illogical, most frustratingly obnoxious plots in Riverdale the very thing which led m

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    Sarcastic and disappointed updates aside, I have to give the author credit for her character work in this novel Unlike in The Maple Murders, the characters have dis

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    You honestly haven t noticed that our lives basically are a horror movie Jason Blossom, the Black Hood we are, like, one zombie apocalypse away from going full on Evil Dead M

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    The story is quite engaging and makes you want to keep on reading until you find out what the heck is going on Sadly you don t find out what the heck is going on Argh, there are so man

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    This book is set between seasons 2 and 3 of the Riverdale series Again I was thrilled by the quality of the story Usually I am disappointed when books and tv film meet, but not in this case I lo

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    This is the second book in the Riverdale series by Micol Ostow and once again Ostow has written an accurate tie in to the Netflix series We find Archie framed for murder by Hiram Lodge and the gang trying

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    It s a nice addition to the tv show contrarily to the first book, I think it absolutely can t be read without watching the show Some really scary, thriller like parts, the rest a nice way to get to know a bit time

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