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Hostility to Hospitality Spiritual Sickness Troubles American Medicine Through A Death Denying Culture, Medicine Has Gained Enormous Power An Influence It Maintains By Distancing Itself From Religion, Which Too Often Reminds Us Of Our Mortality As A Result Of This Separation Of Medicine And Religion, Patients Facing Serious Illness Infrequently Receive Adequate Spiritual Care, Despite The Large Body Of Empirical Data Demonstrating Its Import To Patient Meaning Making, Quality Of Life, And Medical Utilization This Secular Sacred Divide Also Unleashes Depersonalizing, Social Forces Through The Market, Technology, And Legal Bureaucratic Powers That Reduce Clinicians To Tiny Cogs In An Unstoppable MachineHostility To Hospitality Is One Of The First Books Of Its Kind To Explore These Hostilities Threatening Medicine And Offer A Path Forward For The Partnership Of Modern Medicine And Spirituality Drawing From Interdisciplinary Scholarship Including Empirical Studies, Interviews, History And Sociology, Theology, And Public Policy, The Authors Argue For Structural Pluralism As The Key To Changing Hostility To Hospitality

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