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Sophia, Princess Among Beasts PDF Epub Sophia, Princess Among Beasts Author James Patterson Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk A Princess Who Has Lost Her Mother And Father Finds Herself In A Terrifying World That Urgently Needs A Queen.Sophia Is Smart, Beautiful, And Accomplished, A Beloved Princess Devoted To The People And To Reading Books The Kingdom Is Hers, Until She Is Plunged Into A Nightmarish Realm Populated By The Awful Beasts She Read About As A Child.The Beasts Are Real And So Is The Great Army Marching On Her Castle The People Look To Sophia For Protection They Will All Perish Unless She Can Unlock An Ancient Secret As Profound As Life And Death Itself Sophia, Princess Among Beasts Is A Fabulous Adventure, And A Stunning Mystery Here Again Is Proof Of Why James Patterson Is The World S Most Trusted Storyteller.

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    Very interesting story A quick read Definitely seems Young Adult the POV is a 17 year old girl except for one scene in the book, so I m unsure of what the target audience is A mature older teen or young 20s would enjoy this book a lot.

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    This book absolutely reads as YA unfortunately not very good YA I was disappointed by the lack of character development The plot implies that the character s growth is what allows certain things to happen, but that growth seems limited to her spending time in the village because she has a crush on a boy, not because she wants to learn how the world works The ending view spoiler i...

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    First, this book is classified as adult fiction, but it could be classified as YA But that s not even a significant problem with the book The characters, the world, and the plot are so underdeveloped This is the first book where there s not even one thing that I could appreciate about it The main character is supposed to be smart, strong, and accomplished, but she s really none of those things She gets lucky countless

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    This is written for older teen readers and maybe mature younger teens Sophia is a 17 year old who is devoted to the people in her family s kingdom When the nightmares start and they start becoming reality she needs help in protecting everyone She works hard to unravel an ancient secret to save not only her friends but herself Great adventure fantasy that would probably appeal to relucta...

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    Interesting, fast paced and enjoyable The book seem inline with his other YA books but James Patterson appeals to all ages can t get enough I received this book as a giveaway thru Goodreads Thank you.

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    The best book ever Sophia is just so surreal and I feel like I know her in real life She s the best and this book is the best Buy it now Read it now Do it now She loves the color yellow You know it s going to be good.

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    This was a quick, easy read I liked that it s a little dark and the storyline is imaginative and moves quickly.

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    I certainly enjoyed this story The storyline was fast paced and enjoyable The hint of darkness kept me entertained The characters kept me engaged I will definitely read this again.

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    This provided a diverting several hours, but I m not sure I ll remember it in a couple years For me, its greatest strengths were the beasts and its two main villains, Ares and Reiper I liked that the princess heroine could fight and had a somewhat progressive agenda, but I didn t love how much the book revolved around her apparently stunning beauty Certain fantastical things that were critical to the plot were never adequately explained, which I found frustrating It s bei

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