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The Body: A Guide for Occupants In The Bestselling, Prize Winning A Short History Of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson Achieved The Seemingly Impossible By Making The Science Of Our World Both Understandable And Entertaining To Millions Of People Around The GlobeNow He Turns His Attention Inwards To Explore The Human Body, How It Functions And Its Remarkable Ability To Heal Itself Full Of Extraordinary Facts And Astonishing Stories, The Body A Guide For Occupants Is A Brilliant, Often Very Funny Attempt To Understand The Miracle Of Our Physical And Neurological Make UpA Wonderful Successor To A Short History Of Nearly Everything, This Book Will Have You Marvelling At The Form You Occupy, And Celebrating The Genius Of Your Existence, Time And Time Again

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    Be a bar trivia champion Want to dominate any biology questions at bar trivia The Body A Guide for Occupants has you covered For those of us who haven t had a biology class since we

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    Even for someone with a science medical background this was PHENOMENAL What an absolutely interesting and eye opening adventure into our bodies and told in such a entertaining way Recommend f

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    I either laughed, shook my head in wonder, or did both on every page This is Bryson at his best, and it should be handed out at birth.

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    THE BODY by Bill Bryson.Did you ever think you ever needed an owner s manual for our complex body I think this was a brilliant idea We live in this body that we are so intimate with and yet could hardly speak of

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    Bill Bryson is a gifted writer, deftly melding facts with wit to expose humorous aspects of the human condition and the world around us As a result, he can unpack any topic into the most fascinating thing you ve ever read

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    I wasn t big on the sciences in school, but Bill Bryson has written a book that keeps me turning pages and taking notes to talk about with everyone Parts may make you squeamish, but 2 paragraphs later you will be laughing out loud

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    Great info along with Bryson s dry wit.

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    Enter the wonderful world of Bill Bryson who has a master s touch for explaining things in a way that we all understand and are fascinated by When he takes apart our body, system by system, piece by piece we not only understandabout our inner workings

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    I have been living in this body for 60 years but it wasn t until I read this book did I learn about how many of it s system function and what doctors and scientists already know Easy to read, entertaining, all the while being scientific make this a great inform

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    My first book by Bill Bryson was A Short History of Nearly Everything Since reading it, I have frequently included a Bryson book or two in my yearly reading and have suggested them to others The Body is sure to be another book I will regularly recommend and in fact alrea

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