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Feeling Good The Good News Is That Anxiety, Guilt, Pessimism, Procrastination, Low Self Esteem, And Other Black Holes Of Depression Can Be Cured Without Drugs In Feeling Good, Eminent Psychiatrist, David D Burns, M.D., Outlines The Remarkable, Scientifically Proven Techniques That Will Immediately Lift Your Spirits And Help You Develop A Positive Outlook On Life Now, In This Updated Edition, Dr Burns Adds An All New Consumer S Guide To Anti Depressant Drugs As Well As A New Introduction To Help Answer Your Questions About The Many Options Available For Treating Depression Recognise What Causes Your Mood Swings Nip Negative Feelings In The Bud Deal With Guilt Handle Hostility And Criticism Overcome Addiction To Love And Approval Build Self Esteem Feel Good Everyday When you feel bad, you go to a doctor, doctor looks at you and gives you pills for fixing your hormonal apparatus which is fine, I promise you You start taking pills, just for sleeping, then for overcoming depression, and then for something else and etc At some point you think, I cannot live without the pills, I m addicted But what about the real reason which was wrong in the first place your reasoning mechanism you are trying to shut down with pills This book is a self help guide using When you feel bad, you go to a doctor, doctor l Many years ago I had a confluence of tragic events in my life and I decided to see a psychologist for a while One day the psychologist told me that I needed to deal with my feelings I told him in frustration that I heard that many times before, but that I did not understand what that meant I asked him what exactly do people do when they deal with their feelings If you can love and respect yourself in failure, worlds of adventure and new experiences will open up before you, and your fears will vanish It is an interesting statement on contemporary culture that practical, self help books are often looked down on as lowbrow, unsophisticated, and unworthy of serious consideration Just note how often in reviews of self help books you come across the phrase, I don t normally read books like th Yeah, I m reading self help books now Surprised There are a lot of components to Feeling Good that still grated on the self help misanthrope hopeless fuckface jaded dickhead that I usually am, and it s mostly in David Burns s overtly assertive and it s so simple prose styling Sometimes it s great because he s gifted at taking highly nuanced and sophisticated concepts about cognition and psychiatry and making them digestibl

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