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The Girl with the Louding Voice A Powerful, Emotional Debut Novel Told In The Unforgettable Voice Of A Young Nigerian Woman Who Is Trapped In A Life Of Servitude But Determined To Get An Education So That She Can Escape And Choose Her Own Future Adunni Is A Fourteen Year Old Nigerian Girl Who Knows What She Wants An Education This, Her Mother Has Told Her, Is The Only Way To Get A Louding Voice The Ability To Speak For Herself And Decide Her Own Future But Instead, Adunni S Father Sells Her To Be The Third Wife Of A Local Man Who Is Eager For Her To Bear Him A Son And HeirWhen Adunni Runs Away To The City, Hoping To Make A Better Life, She Finds That The Only Other Option Before Her Is Servitude To A Wealthy Family As A Yielding Daughter, A Subservient Wife, And A Powerless Slave, Adunni Is Told, By Words And Deeds, That She Is NothingBut While Misfortunes Might Muffle Her Voice For A Time, They Cannot Mute It And When She Realizes That She Must Stand Up Not Only For Herself, But For Other Girls, For The Ones Who Came Before Her And Were Lost, And For The Next Girls, Who Will Inevitably Follow She Finds The Resolve To Speak, However She Can In A Whisper, In Song, In Broken English Until She Is Heard Abi Dar is a new, important voice bringing attention to the issues still plaguing young people in Nigeria who are essentially being sold into a slave trade, working for free for the rich in Lagos The story takes place in 2014 2015 during the most turbulent change of Adunni s life following her abrupt marriage to a much older man who already had two wives and was desperate to have a son, the sudden illness of the pregnant second wife, and Adunni s running away from the village to a family friend who, though dying, is able to call in a favor in time just before her furious father and brother can track her down and drag her back to her husband s home Unfortunately, her way out is in to the luxurious home of a wealthy woman with a thriving textile business, a short temper, and a philandering husband She and the cook warn young Adunni, then not even 15 years old, to stay away from the husband lest she get herself into trouble Despite the promise of money a few months later, her handler, the employment agent the woman pays directly, never gets back in touch thus shorting Adunni of every paycheck and any possibility of a getting away from the daily beatings and near starvation she endures She finds some solace in her friendship with the cook and one of the woman s neighbors who retains an empathy that her employer clearly does not Though the story is heartbreaking, Adunni s resilient spirit is wonderful and worth the worry and hurt this book is sure to wreak. This novel won the Bath Novel Award for unpublished manuscripts in 2018 In this interview Abi Dare shares a little about the story and her writing process starsWhen we think of a coming of age story, we usually imagine a sweet, gradual awakening from adolescence into adulthood There are bumps and bruises and broken hearts along the way, but it s all just part of growing up Adunni is a Nigerian girl who doesn t get the luxury of that incremental process Her coming of age is swift and brutal, dictated by her father, who thinks a girl child is a wasted waste, a thing with no voice, no dreams, no brain When Adunni is fourteen years old, her father sells her to a rich old man who wants a third wife Thus begins a journey that is disturbing and traumatic, but ultimately triumphant Before Adunni s mother died, she told her daughter, Your schooling is your voice, child It will be speaking for you even if you didn t open your mouth to talk Throughout everything Adunni has to endure, her dream of furthering her education grows ever stronger Even after she is essentially sold into what amounts to socially sanctioned slavery in Lagos, she never gives up hope She wants to become a teacher because, she says, I don t just want to be having any kind of voiceI want a louding voice There are a number of messages the author is trying to convey about Nigeria in this novel Adunni is representative of several social ills, including child marriage, slave labor, and the enormous chasm between the rich and poor Nigeria is the wealthiest country in Africa, and yet over half of its people live on less than one dollar a day All of these issues are important, but as a reader I was content just to get to know a spirited girl like Adunni At first I wasn t sure what to make of her, but she grows on you She already has the voice her mother spoke of, but she s clueless as to how to use it to her best advantage She really is still a child, and she blurts things out and asks inappropriate questions at the most inopportune times It gets her in a lot of trouble Sometimes she is beaten or made to go without food, but she can t help herself Eventually Adunni asks the right people the right questions, and she gets a shot at a brighter future Sometimes all it takes is someone who can point you in the right direction and who believes in you as much as you want to believe in yourself Adunni is the first person narrator and she tells her story in an unusual style of English that takes a while to get used to At first I wasn t sure if I could stick with it, but my brain did adjust, and eventually I stopped noticing it If you watch closely, you will notice that the the style changes ever so gradually in the second half of the book as Adunni gets the chance to improve her English skills Available February 4, 2020 Full review to follow Wonderful book All the stars RTC

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