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In This Revelatory, Authoritative Portrait Of Donald J Trump And The Toxic Family That Made Him, Mary L Trump, A Trained Clinical Psychologist And Donald S Only Niece, Shines A Bright Light On The Dark History Of Their Family In Order To Explain How Her Uncle Became The Man Who Now Threatens The World S Health, Economic Security, And Social FabricMary Trump Spent Much Of Her Childhood In Her Grandparents Large, Imposing House In The Heart Of Queens, Where Donald And His Four Siblings Grew Up She Describes A Nightmare Of Traumas, Destructive Relationships, And A Tragic Combination Of Neglect And Abuse She Explains How Specific Events And General Family Patterns Created The Damaged Man Who Currently Occupies The Oval Office, Including The Strange And Harmful Relationship Between Fred Trump And His Two Oldest Sons, Fred Jr And DonaldA First Hand Witness To Countless Holiday Meals And Family Interactions, Mary Brings An Incisive Wit And Unexpected Humor To Sometimes Grim, Often Confounding Family Events She Recounts In Unsparing Detail Everything From Her Uncle Donald S Place In The Family Spotlight And Ivana S Penchant For Re Gifting To Her Grandmother S Frequent Injuries And Illnesses And The Appalling Way Donald, Fred Trump S Favorite Son, Dismissed And Derided Him When He Began To Succumb To Alzheimer SNumerous Pundits, Armchair Psychologists, And Journalists Have Sought To Parse Donald J Trump S Lethal Flaws Mary L Trump Has The Education, Insight, And Intimate Familiarity Needed To Reveal What Makes Donald, And The Rest Of Her Clan, Tick She Alone Can Recount This Fascinating, Unnerving Saga, Not Just Because Of Her Insider S Perspective But Also Because She Is The Only Trump Willing To Tell The Truth About One Of The World S Most Powerful And Dysfunctional Families Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man

About the Author: Mary L. Trump

Mary L Trump, born May 1965, a clinical psychologist, is the oldest child of Fred Trump Jr., and the oldest grandchild of Fred Trump Sr Mary s father died in 1981 at the age of 42 from a heart attack due to alcoholism.

10 thoughts on “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man

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    Look at that photo He s been doing the same stupid shit with his hair all his life What a dork.

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    Damn A Trump tell all that he s desperately trying to block publication of You have my full, undivided attention.

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    I want to read this book because I hear that Mary L Trump basically opened up her own tea shop just so she could spill ALL THE TEA on the tangerine tyrantSOMEONE GET ME A COPY, ASAP

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    The first sentence of Leo Tolstoy s novel Anna Karenina is Happy families are all alike every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way I would modernize the second half and say every dysfunctional family is dysfunctional in its own way And then add and always destructive to the children My family of origin was about as dysfunctional as the Trumps, though not in the exact way My mother, was a self de

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    Thumbs up Or Thumbs down Isn t that a question many of us around the world have been curious about The book was released at midnight July 14th.I d bet thousands of people like myself , have already finished it I ve got to take some personal inventory why did I feel an urgency obsession desire to read this book today It s easy to quickly come up with answers as to why I rushed to read it.But perhaps it

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    Can t wait to chug some bleach, gas some Americans, and find out how my niece is doing

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    How do you nurture a sociopath If you were not aware, this book is written by Donald Trump s niece Mary It is a VERY short book, but it is very good So let s break down a little bit about what this book is exactly You aren t going to find any state secrets here For anyone asking Why Didn t Mary speak out earlier , this is addresses, but this is isn t a political expose At it s heart, Too Much and Never Enoug

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    A book exposing trump by his own family member who is a psychologist You KNOW I m ready for all the tea.

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    3.5, rounded down.This is a really quick, involving and somewhat addictive read, but I am left a mite unsatisfied on several fronts From all the media hype and hoopla, I was expecting and eagerly anticipating a lotsalacious details and damaging information something that would guarantee the toppling of 45 and scuttle any last chance of him winning the November election but I doubt it ll come anywhere near to doing

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    Very interesting audiobook, narrated by the author The author, referencing a time the extended Trump family visited the White House, They were serving real wine, not Trump wine Oof, lol.If you re interested in what makes Donald Trump tick or his birth family dynamics, this is a must read view spoiler In short, his niece asserts that Trump is easily manipulated by smarter,powerful men due to his relationship with his

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