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Cosmos Cosmos Has 13 Heavily Illustrated Chapters, Corresponding To The 13 Episodes Of The Cosmos Television Series In The Book, Sagan Explores 15 Billion Years Of Cosmic Evolution And The Development Of Science And Civilization Cosmos Traces The Origins Of Knowledge And The Scientific Method, Mixing Science And Philosophy, And Speculates To The Future Of Science The Book Also Discusses The Underlying Premises Of Science By Providing Biographical Anecdotes About Many Prominent Scientists Throughout History, Placing Their Contributions Into The Broader Context Of The Development Of Modern Science.The Book Covers A Broad Range Of Topics, Comprising Sagan S Reflections On Anthropological, Cosmological, Biological, Historical, And Astronomical Matters From Antiquity To Contemporary Times Sagan Reiterates His Position On Extraterrestrial Life That The Magnitude Of The Universe Permits The Existence Of Thousands Of Alien Civilizations, But No Credible Evidence Exists To Demonstrate That Such Life Has Ever Visited Earth.

About the Author: Carl Sagan

Ann Druyan, he was co producer of the popular motion picture, Contact, which featured a feminist, atheist protagonist played by

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    Can I give this one ten stars If I had a religion, I would be a Carl Saganian Love him so much.

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    I wonder what Carl Sagan may have thought of 9 11 and the world in the new millennium, a strife torn place which is being shaken up and shaken out every moment I imagine the civil but slightly horrified and slightly bemused tone he may have employed while talking about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the antics of the Bush administration w

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    The Star system in GR is absolutely inadequate for rating this book Gosh, I should not use the term absolutely for something in which everything orbits around relativity.Anyway, I think something like this would give a better idea of my opinion about this book my rating is an universe of zillions to the power of zillions of stars, and expanding My ra

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    I saw the TV series years before I read the book I m glad I did I was able to project the image and voice of Carl Sagan into the words on the page If there is a better science related, non fiction book out there, please, someone point it out to me.Revised Oct 2017.

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    I m not sure what I could possibly say about Cosmos that hasn t already been said by countless others in the 28 years since its publication, and likely in a far intelligent and eloquent way than I ever could But upon recently reading this book for the first time which may seem a bit belated, but I am, after all, only 23 it instantly became one of my favorites, a status

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Flexible Belts Cosmos by Carl Sagan Original Review, 1980 11 17 A lot of talk has been going on about the flaws in Carl Sagan s COSMOS series These flaws center on either Sagan s unusual speaking style and acting abilities, or the show s contents I certainly agree that he looks stupid when displaying the awed look however, th

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    A five stars to this book Stars borrowed from skies that I witnessed when I was eight or maybe ten and would wake up early at pre dawn, because that was the best time for star gazing after all To read Mr.Sagan, the words so simple describing the Universe so complex To read a small passage and follow it up with a sleep filled with dreams of all those stars dying and being born every passing mome

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    Let s put it simply Cosmos is required reading for everyone who lives on this planet It will give you a sense of perspective that nothing else can no lofty ideology, no omniscient religion, no inspiring quotations can explain things quite as clearly as Carl Sagan s treatise on science, reality, and the nature of things in this universe Mind bending and dazzling, and best of all, uncluttered by confusing

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