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Smitten: A Long Time a Far Away Land... Ebook Smitten A Long Time Agoin A Far Away Land Payton Lee Terrapin A Long Time Ago In A Faraway Land, Lived A King And Queen They Awaited Their Son, Prince Paul The Prince Was Returning After A World Tour Where He Hoped To Find A Princess He Would Meet Her In His Own Backyard Rigan Had Come From Ireland During A Troubled Time When Everything Was Controlled By The English Prince Paul Literally Runs Into Rigan And Knows Immediately This Woman Is The One He Has Searched For An Adult Fairy Tale. I really enjoyed this book I especially liked the character of Princess Rigan She was strong, intelligent, kind caring She had a lot of power, but did not take advantage of others She instead used her power for the good of all She took the motto, With great power comes gr

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