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Insightful, quick novella that doesn t reach the heights of Zweig s masterful CHESS STORY but reminded me quite a bit of DEATH IN VENICE The set up in the first 15 pages is really fun I love the way this generation of writers needs a first person justification for a third person narrative, it s realism mingling with the author is present and the inner frame that the title references has some excellent moments There s a particularly good hand description that worth watching out for.And I loved the cadence and repetition of this paragraph spoilers , which is a great bit of morning after writing How long this dreadful condition lasted I cannot say such moments are outside the measured time of ordinary life But suddenly another fear came over me, swift and terrible the stranger whose name I did not know might wake up and speak to me And I knew there was only one thing to do I must get dressed and make my escape before he woke I must not let him set eyes on me again, I must not speak to him again I must save myself before it was too late, go away, away, away, back to some kind of life of my own, to my hot The heart has its reasons which reason knows not Blaise Pascal Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne conna t point. Petty prejudices, fear of the unknown and the painfulness of having to face one s own shortcomings can swirl one into obnoxious judgmentalness We, humble and ignorant wizard apprentices in a life we cannot re create, might never acquire adequate depth of insight and wisdom to understand another one s or even our own heart, one s innermost feelings and inner storms Austrian writer Stefan Zweig 1881 1942 did, as this gorgeous novella abundantly and proficiently demonstrates In a small pension at the French Riviera, an apparently respectable, married woman overnight abandons her husband and offspring to elope with a perfect stranger Abhorred, a few other couples residing in the pension discuss her conduct vehemently Why did she behave like that Was it a planned act of conspiracy, or did it equate a whimsical coup de foudre What kind of woman could be that wicked I recall the horrible Sylvia Tietjens in Ford Madox Ford s Parade s End Their commensal, the narrator, bored and irritated by the bigot display of moral purity and bourgeois arrogance, challenges the couples haughty thoughts and comes to the defence of the fallen woman Taking the noble stance that he d rather understand others than condemn them , he draws the attention of another guest, a distinguished, old English lady, Mrs C Pushed by the scandal, evoking strong remin . Two Of Stefan Zweig S Most Compelling Novellas Are Presented Together In One Volume As Heard On BBC Radio 4 S Book At Bedtime, Twenty Four Hours In The Life Of A Woman Is The Story Of A Middle Aged English Widow Who Travels Through Europe To Escape Loneliness And Boredom One Evening, During Her Stay At The French Riviera, While Enjoying The Elegant Atmosphere Of The Monte Carlo Casino, She Becomes Mesmerised By The Obsessive Gambling Of Young Polish Aristocrat This Fateful Encounter Leads To Passion, Despair And Death, Changing Their Lives Forever The Royal Game Takes Place On A Cruise Ship Bound For Buenos Aires, Where A Tantalising Encounter Takes Place Between The Reigning World Chess Champion And An Unknown Passenger The Stranger S Diffident Manner Masks His Extraordinary Ability To Challenge The Grand Master In A Game Of Chess, But Also Conceals His Dark And Damaged Past, The Horror Of Which Emerges As The Game Unfolds. It s my first encounter withSteven Zweigand after reading a few pages a query I posed to myself in contemplation that why I waited so long to read this author, such was the impact of Zweig The author had precision of a sculptor to craft sentences with just enough verbosity but with deep observations to put forth the deep secrets, of human beings, which are buried well below the layers of bygone times I guess there are other people like me who easily gets bored from things if they stick for long P and always looks for something, to read, with which the bond could be disassembled just before it starts becoming a languor to you, then this is for you, it s roughly 90 odd pages with a short size however it s narrative a burst of deep emotions having tales within in a tale The prose is intoxicating wherein you feel that although it begins on a very innocuous note but as you move on, you realize that it goes into deep abyss of human emotions, and by the time you end the book, the human emotions are totally exposed to naked eye to reiterate imperfect human existence The experience of reading of Zweig is truly amazing for it s like a short sojourn wherein reader initially starts to feel . How in so few pages, in so few words, to pass as many emotions to the reader I burned of curiosity at reading this book novel I ve wanted to know the secret that reddened this old lady The passion of a day and the disillusionment of many years Zweig has the gift of Zweig again displays his magic in his ability to grasp, resolutely and devoutly, the reader s attention quickly And again he chooses public spaces where, paradoxically, the most private corners of a person s soul can be encountered hotels, trains, ships, and casinos Places of transit with an element of chance.Peripatetic that he was, these places offered him endless portrait galleries from where he could pick his types And incisive examiner that he was, his surgical observations exposed the crevices of the human hearts not visible on the disclosed canvases And in those crevices he always detects the passions, that forceful and elusive substance that exerts its will over any always ineffectual shield.Seductively.O Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau

About the Author: Stefan Zweig

Stefan Zweig was one of the world s most famous writers during the 1920s and 1930s, especially in the U.S., South America, and Europe He produced novels, plays, biographies, and journalist pieces Among his most famous works are Beware of Pity, Letter from an Unknown Woman, and Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles He and his second wife committed suicide in 1942.Zweig studied in Austria, France

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