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Never Give Up! Read Never Give Up By Joyce Meyer Contra Saustall.eu Joyce Meyer Is Probably Better Equipped Than Anyone When It Comes To Never Giving Up She Overcame An Abused Childhood, A Bad Marriage And Extremely Limited Opportunities To Become One Of The Most Popular Author Speakers In The World.

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    This is definitely a book I will be reading repeatedly over the years Joyce truly has an amazing gift of teaching If you can t understand God s words for your life through Joyce then you re not listening

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    4 1 2 STARSThe perfect book for embarking on a new year or new endeavors A fresh start Now, whatever the day or time of year, it s the perfect time for making resolutions and being bolstered by Joyce Meyer s encouraging words and God s truths God s mercies are new every day You will never get where you want to be

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    I absolutely loved this book Joyce Meyer has a way of ministering to you through the hardships and breakthroughs of her personal life experiences I like how she included others as an example, in spite of their hardships, how they never gave up and because of that, they became successful I will de...

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    One of my favourite books when it comes to Encouragment and Determination Joyce is brilliant in delivering God s love and care for each of His children Definetely a must read

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    This was a good book for it s genre of Christian based motivation Meyer is on par with other authors in her field, much of the book reminded me of Joel Osteen s writings Both authors use the formula of giving either their own personal story or another well known person s story of adversity and then backs up what they learned through a bible ve

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    This is the first book I have read by Joyce Meyer, and it was an amazing book One morning a couple of weeks ago, I was up real early around 4 am and going through the tv channels to see what was on..I found Joyce Meyer on WGN and was fascinated by her sermon..When I went to the library the next day, I was amazed at how many books she has writtenShe has

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    Wow.wow I ve learned so much about perservering and staying determined when it comes to overcoming any obstacles that satan puts in our way I m so grateful that I was led to read this there was so much I learned Joyce gives specific information about how to...

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    Joyce Meyer is great at giving commen sense advice Advice that makes you think and offers insight as to why we think and act the way we do Her books offer great insight and tools to help overcome whatever it is one may be going through.

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    I give up fast and easy and the lords been teaching me to not do so god gave me this book time and time and I ignored it then he gave it to me as a study and I m hooked and latched

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    So uplifting and inspirational Wish I could send a copy to everyone I know who is going through a rough I hard time or who may be discouraged.

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