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Arrival (Mind Warriors, #1) The Mind Warriors Series Is A Sequel To The Terrilian Series.Jilin Meern Khay Is A Newcomer To Rimilia, Having Arrived Only Three Months After The Empaths Have Freed Themselves But Jilin Is Also A Warrior, Which Doesn T Work Well When She Comes In Contact With The Male Warriors Of Rimilia

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    Meet Jilin meern Khay, Prime Xenomediator of the Centran Algamation And I know what you are thinking, just like Terrilian Reya Sort of Only the difference is that Jilin isn t from Central so she isn t quite as arrogant She didn t like the feelings of lonelines

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    Rating 4.5Main Characters Jilin meern Khay A Prime woman who also is a master at fighting hand to hand or with weapons like knives, stars, swords, etcVennias A varinda mind warrior from the planet Rimilia who bands JilinSynopsis Let me say before anything else, I LOVE J

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    Arrival into bondageFirst book of a great series which follows Sharon Green s Terellian Warrior Series This focuses on the adventures of a female psychic warrior Jilin who is brought to the planet Rimillia under false pretenses The female empathise are given into sexual bondage t

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    I am Sharon Green s Webmaster and this is the announcement to her fans of a new series that is now available as a Direct to eBook and is a sequel to her printed Terrilian Series.

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    Best yetAllowsvalue to women Most of authors works have even the most talents women ultimately submitting to men and beaten.

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