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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties Ten Books In One, This Handbook Covers All The Clinical Specialties, With New Sections On Child Psychiatry, Sex Education, Internet Searching, Clinical Governance, Birth Injuries To Mothers, How To Avoid Being Judgmental, And Much

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    Although I generally like oxford series, this one was a bit of a dissapointment to me Before I state any cons though, let me clarify that I AM RATING 1997 EDITION This needs to be highlighted Why I did this I purchased it, second hand to make sure it s worth buying the new edition But It discouraged me, to say the least I found the content quite bizzare In each chapter of each specialty, significant topics a

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    I like this series of Oxford Hanbook of They are very comprehensive and easy to read plus when you need they always give you advice in right time This one is perfect for getting familiar with specific situation, which are not that common or rather unexpected in general practice I have the small version and it was worth of my cash.

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    A lot is packed into this book A little too much I think, but as a reference book it is definitely useful to have in your pocket or locker.

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