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Frogs & French Kisses I liked this one better than the first one I thought the main character showed a little growth in this one. this one was even better than the first oneso yes, M I am so gonna read the rest of the series honestly a surprisingly fun read Welcome to my 300th book review It felt like going from 100 to 200 reviews took no time at all, but finally getting to 300 has felt like a looong time coming In reality the time between both of those was 16 months.I didn t rate this second book as highly as the first one in this series because I couldn t think of anything I didn t like in the first book, whereas the same cannot be said for this one I had some problems with some characters in this book, as well as the content Miri Was Pretty annoying Always trying to save the world and all Like, please, calm down Was I the only one who cracked up at the TV kept playing the sounds of music part HAHAHAHAHAHA NEXT I didn t like this as much as the first book for the simple fact that Rachel s story didn t really progress at all I ll continue on to books 3 and 4 eventually but not anytime soon On the plus side, I really enjoy th YOU GUYS SHOULD READ THIS BOOKNo, really You should I m damn serious at this moment The ending was surprising.Miri was annoying, I mean, I understand you want to be good and save the world everyone would want to do good for the world when they have magical powers right But she did than enough magic, oblivious of the fact that it can go hazardous and catastrophic But it doesn t really matter, because she s not the protagonist The sequel starts when Rachel and Miri try to levitate on air by the help of a broomstick.The result It wasn t so pleasing For me, Rachel is like Alex Russo She gets into trouble all the time, somehow manages to fix it, cares for the people she loves and acts mature even though her maturity is pretty much slim to none all along It s intriguing to watch someone getting into trouble like Rachel is still annoying, but seems to be learning at least until the ending The book got a bit preachy and heavy handed with the with great power comes great responsibility idea The reference to Spiderman in the This was another great read growing up that I wanted to reread as an adult the writing perspective is just hilarious with Rachel talking about all the typical problems a young teenager goes through with crushes and school life It was just as great as I remember while growing up Frogs French Kisses Random House, Inc, 2006, 275pp., 8.99Sarah Mlynowski ISBN 978 0 385 73185 0 Would you rather read a book that is entertaining and funny, or a book that is sad and depressing A book that is entertaining will make you happy and laugh all the time It can also, make you not want to put the book down That is what I felt like, when I read Frogs French Kisses I couldn t put the book down It was like the book was glued to my fingers Fourteen year old Rachel spends her life being stuck in love She doesn t know what to do Her mom and her sister are witches, and Rachel is not Rachel lost her love, and her life in school has turn upside down Rachel had lost Raf and she wants him back Miri, Rachel, little sister wants her sister, to be happy So Miri, cast a spell, but she wasn t sure the spell will work or not Sadly, Rachel gets a wrong lover The person who loves Rachel, is not Raf, it s his brother, Will Shockingly, Rachel doesn t know what to do and you wouldn t believe what would ha From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Whatever After Series, The Sequel To Bras Broomsticks And The Second Book In The Hilariously Bewitching Magic In Manhattan Series Rachel Has Finally Come To Terms With The Outrageously Unfair Fact That Her Younger Sister, Miri, Has Inherited Magical Powers From Their Mom But Now The Whole Witchcraft Thing Is Spiraling Out Of Control Mom Is A Magicaholic, Miri S On A Save The World Kick, And The One Teeny Tiny Love Spell That Rachel Begged For Has Gone Embarrassingly, Horribly Wrong.Suddenly, The Fate Of Everything Is In Rachel S Hands.Her Family.The World.Senior Prom I Loved This Book It S Even Funnier Than Bras Broomsticks More Hormones, Action, Magic Mlynowski What Else Could You Want E Lockhart, Author Of We Were Liars And Genuine Fraud A Creative, Frolicsome Tale Readers Will Find Themselves Quickly Swept Away On The Broomstick Of Mlynowski S Second Installment New York Post Just As Sweet And Funny As Its Predecessor Wonderfully Fast Paced And Clever Booklist Simply Charming Publishers Weekly

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Milkrun Since then, Sarah has written four additional novels for adults

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