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密やかな結晶 Read Author Y Ko Ogawa Sklepdominika.co.uk L Le O Se D Roule Cette Histoire Est Depuis Toujours Soumise Un Trange Ph Nom Ne Les Choses Et Les Tres Semblent Promis Une Sorte D Effacement Diaboliquement Orchestr Quand Un Matin Les Oiseaux Disparaissent Jamais, La Jeune Narratrice De Ce Livre Ne S Panche Pas Sur Cet V Nement Dramatique, Le Souvenir Du Chant D Un Oiseau S Est Vanoui Tout Comme Celui De L Motion Que Provoquaient En Elle La Beaut D Une Fleur, La D Licatesse D Un Parfum, La Mort D Un Tre Cher Apr S Les Animaux, Les Roses, Les Photographies, Les Calendriers Et Les Livres, Les Humains Semblent Touch S Une Partie De Leur Corps Va Les Abandonner.En Ces Lieux Demeurent Pourtant De Singuliers Personnages Habit S De Souvenirs, En Proie La Nostalgie, Ces Tres Sont En Danger Traqu S Par Les Chasseurs De M Moires, Ils Font L Objet De Rafles Terrifiantes Un Magnifique Roman, Angoissant, Kafka En Une Subtile M Taphore Des R Gimes Totalitaires, Travers Laquelle Yoko Ogawa Explore Les Ravages De La Peur Et Ceux De L Insidieux Ph Nom Ne D Effacement Des Images, Des Souvenirs, Qui Peut Conduire Accepter Le Pire. You re the same person now that you were when you wrote novels The only thing that s changed is that the books have been burnt But even if paper itself disappears, words will remain It will be all right, you ll see We haven t lost the stories Rating3.5 starsUsually on a 3.5 stars I round it down to 3 stars out of 5, but I m making an exception for this one because I absolutely couldn t put this book down Once I d gotten started, I was reading it at work in between orders, and stood in the kitchen waiting for food The Memory Police is an allegorical dystopia that, ultimately is about so much than it appears On the island of this story lives a novelist, working on her manuscripts quietly and trying to keep under the radar of the Memory Police who anyone who doesn t lose their memories when things disappear But at heart, this is a book about humanity and personality and asks a lot of interesting questions about how our memories and experiences, and our feelings about t Surreal, eerie, and quietly unsettling, Yoko Ogawa s The Memory Police is a thoughtful and compelling portrayal of the horrors of state surveillance and totalitarianism On an unnamed island, the Memory Police are systematically disappearing things and people one day roses or photographs or birds or the neighbor boy are gone along with the memories that such things ever existed The novel is told from the perspective of a young novelist struggling to write her next book as and things and memories disappear from her world Comparisons will be made to 1984, and not without cause, but Ogawa s seems interested in exploring the power and importance of memory and how much control can be exerted over a people when they simpl Avec une criture douce et sensible, Yoko Ogawa nous pr sente un univers onirique et oppressant o se d roule une intrigue la fois touchante et r voltante Ce roman extraordinaire, d une grande beaut , ne peut qu mouvoir le lecteur en proposant une int ressante r flexi There s an old proverb that gets quoted a lot, in a lot of different situations But, as I read Y ko Ogawa s The Memory Police beautifully translated by Stephen Snyder , I constantly thought of the frog in the pot of boiling water This book, narrated by an unnamed novelist, takes place on an equally unnamed island ruled by the eponymous police, who are slowly disappearing things and making sure they are forgotten The people on the island adapt D une magnifique lenteur L auteure aborde la gravit de son sujet avec une po sie simple et pur e C est, mon sens, une belle le on sur l art d crire, et surtout sur l art de pousser une id e jusqu au bout Y ko Ogawa raconte la disparition non seulement des choses, mais de l m La fin m a d ue, elle m a parue lourde et redondante L auteur nous d crit un monde totalitaire, ce qui me renvoyait ma lecture de 1984 la novlangue, le r tr cissement du champ mental des sujets totalitaires mais aussi et surtout de Matin Brun comment les personnages acceptent ils l inacceptable sans se rebeller ou sans m me penser le faire Mais c est bien s r la capacit de rebellion qui est court circuit e par ce type de r gime.La disparition, qui prend une tournure de plus en plus inqui tante les meraudes, bon mais les graines et totale ne m a pas parue tout fait view spoiler R flexion pour moi, les calendriers repr sentaient le futur, les romans repr sentaient le pass et le corps humain repr sentait le pr sent.Lorsque les calendriers ont disparus, et donc le futur, le besoin d apprendre de ses erreurs, du Ci sono libri che non sono fatti per essere letti tutti d un fiato, libri che si prendono il loro tempo e decidono di scorrere lentamente, levigando e plasmando i pensieri del lettore per adattarli alla narrazione L isola dei senza memoria uno di questi.Non aspettatevi una storia incalzante, una narrazione veloce e ricca di colpi di scena, perch non affatto cos Si percepisce l atmosfera di immobilit che permea l isola, l impossibilit di migliaia di abitanti di scappare e sottrarsi al loro destino, l ineluttabilit di un fenomeno incontrollabile e inarrestabile, che fa della perdita un evento comune, a cui abituarsi e adeguarsi.Tutte queste sensazioni sono amplificate dalla particolare scrittura dell autrice Il suo modo di raccontare, il linguaggio che usa, rendono tutta la storia simile a una favola possibile che un umanit privata sempre pi del ricordo sopravviva Il cuore di una persona che dimentica rimane lo stesso o si deteriora pian piano Se tutti i ri LA CONDANNA DELL OBLIOUn romanzo lento, lentissimo, il cui finale mi ha reso cos malinconica da costringermi a rimuginarci su per giorni Per Per mi dispiaciuto abbandonare quei personaggi che avrei tanto voluto conoscer meglio, di fronte alle cui devastanti perdite non ho potuto fare a meno di condolermi E fo

About the Author: Yōko Ogawa

was born in Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, graduated from Waseda University, and lives in Ashiya Since 1988, she has published than twenty works of fiction and nonfiction Her novel The Professor and his Beloved Equation has been made into a movie In 2006 she co authored An Introduction to the World s Most Elegant Mathematics with Masahiko Fujiwara, a mathematician, as a dialogue on the extraordinary beauty of numbers.A film in French, L Annulaire The Ringfinger , directed by Diane Bertrand, starring Olga Kurylenko and Marc Barb , was released in France in June 2005 and subsequently made the rounds of the international film festivals the film, some of which is filmed in the Hamburg docks, is based in part on Ogawa s Kusuriyubi no hy hon , translated into French as L Annulaire by Rose Marie Makino Fayolle who has translated numerous works by Ogawa, as well as works by Akira Yoshimura and by Ranpo Edogawa, into French.Kenzabur e has said, Y ko Ogawa is able to give expression to the most subtle workings of human psychology in prose that is gentle yet penetrating The subtlety in part lies in the fact that Ogawa s characters often seem not to know why they are doing what they are doing She works by accumulation of detail, a technique that is perhaps successful in her shorter works the slow pace of development in the longer works requires something of a deus ex machina to end them The reader is presented with an acute description of what the protagonists, mostly but not always female, observe and feel and their somewhat alienated self observations, some of which is a reflection of Japanese society and especially women s roles within in it The tone of her works varies, across the works and sometimes within the longer works, from the surreal, through the grotesque and the sometimes grotesquely humorous, to the psychologically ambiguous and even disturbing.

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