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Congo Deep In The African Rain Forest, Near The Legendary Ruins Of The Lost City Of Zinj, An Expedition Of Eight American Geologists Is Mysteriously And Brutally Killed In A Matter Of Minutes.Ten Thousand Miles Away, Karen Ross, The Congo Project Supervisor, Watches A Gruesome Video Transmission Of The Aftermath A Camp Destroyed, Tents Crushed And Torn, Equipment Scattered In The Mud Alongside Dead Bodies All Motionless Except For One Moving Image A Grainy, Dark, Man Shaped Blur.In San Francisco, Primatologist Peter Elliot Works With Amy, A Gorilla With An Extraordinary Vocabulary Of 620 Signs, The Most Ever Learned By A Primate, And She Likes To Fingerpaint But Recently, Her Behavior Has Been Erratic And Her Drawings Match, With Stunning Accuracy, The Brittle Pages Of A Portuguese Print Dating Back To 1642 A Drawing Of An Ancient Lost City A New Expedition Along With Amy Is Sent Into The Congo Where They Enter A Secret World, And The Only Way Out May Be Through A Horrifying Death Michaelcrichton.com

About the Author: Michael Crichton

Odds On 1966 , was written under the pseudonym

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    i m having a little trouble with myself right now i just gave this one 4 stars and Inner Snob Mark is getting very twitchy, almost trigger happy, ready to take control of my favorite hand and bump this one down to 3 stars never fear, i have a tight rein on Inner Snob Mark and have

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    First off, I ve always gone bananas over books and movies that have giant apes big gorillas in them, going way back to when I was a kid, particularly with movie classics like, King Kong and Mighty Joe Young, that were a blast for me and my brother to watch together.Reading books and watc

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    The book was interesting in the second half with the first half using lot of technical jargon which almost made me abandon it halfway Once you overcome the first half, it becomes interesting and edgy The author has described the African jungles so vividly that you visualise it right before you

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    302 13 31

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    DNF In this book, there are too many technical expressions and descriptive parts and little emotion and action This book sounds like an encyclopedia and not like a novel I ve even tried reading this book with the help of the audio, which usually gives me desire to finish a book but this book is so annoyi

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    What did I think What did I think This book has Talking monkeys Sinister Japanese businessmen Lasers Laser guns The actual phrase laser gun Cannibals African revolutionaries Hippo attacks Blue diamonds Wildly inaccurate predictions about the future of supercomputing Supercomputers Speculation on the natu

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    Michael Crichton s work should be considered the epitome of geek literature AKA science fiction, genre fiction, or speculative fiction , but was somehow embraced by the mainstream so much so that even if the academic crowd doesn t take him very seriously, Crichton still addressed Congress Genre fiction is such a dism

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    German review here.A little over two decades ago this was my introduction to Michael Crichton It s also the first novel that someone had ever gifted to me, if I remember correctly.So, thank you aunt Ilona I became a fan of the author immediately.Reading this again in 2019, this time in it s original language, it was once

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Battle of the Sexes Congo by Michael Crichton Original Review, 1980 11 15 Here is how Michael Crichton describes Amy, the principal love object in Congo She could be coy, she responded to flattery, she was preoccupied with her appearance, loved make up, and was very fu

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    I saw this on Chris list and it triggered an old, funny memory Now, I did read this book back in high school I went through a Michael Crichton phase and his books being as they are, I managed to read through his dare I say oevure in a summer don t recall which summer, tho The odd memory that Chris triggered however, has to to do with

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