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The Little Engine That Could The Story Of A Train Filled With Toys And Gifts For Little Boys And Girls That Breaks Down Before Reaching The Children After Asking Several Passing Trains For Help Over The Hill, A Little Blue Train Agrees To Help The Stranded Toys Even Though She Is Small, The Blue Train Tries Her Best To Bring The Toys To The Children On The Other Side Of The Hill.

About the Author: Watty Piper

Pseudonym for the Platt Munk publishing house.

10 thoughts on “The Little Engine That Could

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    Found this book in a second hand store I have heard the term so oftendecided to buy it Great lesson for children and adults alike.

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    Celebrity Death Match Special The Little Engine That Could versus Neural Networks and Deep Learning Oh, please help me begged the family filter I m being trained, you see, but I m stuck in this local minimum If I can t get out by tomorrow morning, I ll be put into production anyway and all the boys and girls will be exposed to potentially un

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    My son loves this book L O V E S it The board book had been his go to read this to me 4 times in a row book as a baby and now as a 19 month old toddler, he s discovered this edition and insists on it every night before bed And yes, it s a classic beloved by generations But I m still only giving it one star If I have to read this damn thing multiple t

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    This is just a classic story for children, introducing themes of perseverance in the face of difficulty I think I can, I think I can sounding like a train chugging along vs I cannot, I cannot as the train slows down A timeless piece.

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    I rated this book a 5 because it is a classic book with such a great message to children Both little boys and girls can enjoy this book and appreciate the message in it This story is about a train carrying goods for children but it breaks down and is unable to get the goods to the children The train asks several trains that pass by for help, but they all decline for v

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    this book brought me to tearsTHIS DESERVES A MEDAL

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    Now I have a bit of a confession to make I actually was introduced to this classic children s story through an animated special that premiered on TV way back in the early 1990s and I have only just recently decided to pick up the book that the animated special was based off of The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper along with artwork by George and Doris Hauman is truly a cute clas

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    Though the personificiation of an 19th century steam boiler might be classified as disturbing, this book clearly outlines mental ambition and perservearance What s equaly facinating is how the book is ridden with antagonists old trains, mean trains, tough trains all telling the protagonist choo choo the mountain obstacle is nearly impossible to overcome The climax is a riveting edge of your sea

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    My momma read me this book when i was but a babe ever since i have been telling myself that no matter what life throws at me, i can overcome it, just like the little steam engine From the time i was in diapers, a wee little lad, I have lived by the motto I think I can, I think I can and thus far I have overcome insurmountable hills and mountains in my life just like the little eng...

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    I never read this as a kid, of that I m quite sure I d heard of it of course it s been around for over 70 years, after all but now that I ve read it, I know for sure I didn t read it or have it read to me as a child If I had, I would probably have enjoyed itas an adult, even if just for the nostalgia That tends to be the way it works It s not that I think it s terrible or anything, it just doesn t hold my intere

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