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Desert Prince, Expectant Mother Crown Prince Faress Aal Rasheed, A Talented Surgeon, Is Fiercely Attracted To Larissa McPherson From The First Moment She Saw Him Larissa Was Overwhelmed A Volunteer Surgical Trainer For The Global Aid Organization Larissa Has Come To Faress Country Looking For Answers For Her Unborn Childnever Expecting To Fall In Love

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    5 Stars At 27, Larrisa McPherson had worked hard to hone her skills as a trauma and reconstructive surgeon Signing on with the GAO Global Aid Organization as a surgical trainer has given her the means to be in Bidalya, and covertly learn about the family of the baby she is carrying On her first day at the Medical Complex, and from the very first look, Larrisa was mesmerized with the man approaching her He was magn

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    Well, what can I say I am in awe of this woman s writing skills The intensity and tenderness which are entwined in her writing, between the characters, just entwine themselves into the mind of the reader as well This was the first Olivia Gates novel I read and couldn t get it out of my system for ages I love the way Olivia has alpha females who match the alpha males in her stories Larissa is as strong and dedicated as Fares

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    This is the book Olivia sent me I shall say this is one of my favorite books Love the story and the romance especially with powerful men leading in the story In this book, you learn how to love unconditionally I commend you Olivia for creating such wonderful stories

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    I was so anxious to read this book with all the rave reviews but I have to say I was disappointed It wasn t at all what I expected.First I need to say that I am not a fan of books where most of it is angst filled I was looking for an incredible love story What I found was OTT angst and unnecessary drama with physical and emotional separation until the endof course For two people who loved each other so much it didn t make much sense to this re

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    No one writes sheikhs like Olivia Gates NO one And no one writes medical scenes like her either She s just way, way ahead in the passion and character development too Faress and Larissa and their love story was so moving and complex and believable, I really felt I was inside their heads and hearts all the time Another fantastic book by the incomparable Olivia Gates.

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    Another amazing sheikh surgeon book by Olivia Gates who writes the most mouth watering heroes I ve ever read This one was another roller coaster of emotion and passion and twists Farthan five stars

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    Another emotional, passionate, heart wrenching sheikh and medical story by the fabulous Olivia Gates This one, like all her books, have everything Drama, romance, twists, fantastic secondary characters and a passion that is all out and unique A five plus star winner yet again.

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    Desert Prince, Expectant MotherShe is there to let her brother in law s family now of his death And of her carrying her sister s child But first she must first find out what they are like Her first encounter with the family is through Faress She has been given the task of senior surgeon instructor for the county s hospital And she finds out he is in charge They have chemistry between them But what happens when she lets him know the whole truth

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    A good read

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    I absolutely love this book It took me on a very emotional rollercoaster Its a love at first sight brought together by tragedy The attraction between Crown Prince Faress and Larisa was so strong I could feel the tension coming off the pages Crown Prince Faress is a good man, doctor prince Larissa is a strong but shy innocent that was doing something so precious for her sister and her husband until death took them away She is all alone in the world with the baby She has to find out if Crow I absolutely

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