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Six Acres and a Third This Sly And Humorous Novel By Fakir Mohan Senapati One Of The Pioneering Spirits Of Modern Indian Literature And An Early Activist In The Fight Against The Destruction Of Native Indian Languages Is Both A Literary Work And A Historical Document A Text That Makes Use And Deliberate Misuse Of Both British And Indian Literary Conventions, Six Acres And A Third Provides A Unique View From Below Of Indian Village Life Under Colonial Rule Set In Orissa In The 1830s, The Novel Focuses On A Small Plot Of Land, Tracing The Lives And Fortunes Of People Who Are Affected By The Way This Property Is Sold And Resold, As New Legal Arrangements Emerge And New Types Of People Come To Populate And Transform The Social Landscape This Graceful Translation Faithfully Conveys The Rare And Compelling Account Of How The Unsavory Aspects Of Colonialism Affected Life In Rural India.

About the Author: Fakir Mohan Senapati

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Six Acres and a Third book, this is one of the most wanted Fakir Mohan Senapati author readers around the world.

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    Fakir Mohan Senapati is widely acclaimed as the father of modern Odia prose Before him, Odia literature was primarily confined to poems, verses few occasional essays Senapati s Rebati is the first published short story in the history of Odia prose.Six Acres A Third Chha Mana Aatha Guntha in Odia tells the story of a couple in some remote village in Odisha, against the backdrop of...

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    Sly yet heartbreakinga gem of a novel.

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    Set in 1830s rural Orissa, this is an English translation of the Oriya original Senapati tells the story through a narrator not a narrator in the Western tradition, but one borrowed from the historical Indian tradition of a travelling theatrical performer This remote Oriya village from two centuries ago may seem right out of fantasy for non Indians, but it was probably all too real Ignorance, religion, tradition, casteism, corruption, colonialism and fundamental human deceit create a world o Set in 1830s

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    A novel truly ahead of its time Satirical of colonial India rule by the British, of the caste system, the relationship between religion and money, all narration through the narration of the lawyer fool character who reminds me much of Geoffrey Chaucer s narration from The Canterbury Tales that reveals the evils and true essence of karma It isthan what goes around, comes around , it is to perform actions for good reasons and to expect nothing in return, not the use of another as an end A novel truly ahead of its

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    A nineteenth century novel set in colonial India, by the first modern Oriya writer, Fakir Mohan Senapati The translation is clunky in places, but the story and the author s razor sharp wit comes through well An interesting read it reminded me of...

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    really important point of views are given in the text.and quote i like the most from that is kohinoor the famous diamond ruins every family who owns that diamonds

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    The first completed book of the year and a truly engaging read Six Acres indeed struck me less for its overall plot that of a wily money lending zamindar meeting with his rather Kafkaesque end in a colonial Oriya village It struck me rather for its trailblazing narrative style considering its time It is a tale told by someone who refuses to be fixed as such the author is omnipresent as a narrator, but he refuses to feed you with his side of the tale, and thus both welcomes and traps you The first completed book of the year and a truly enga

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    I ve always heard my parents mention Fakir Mohan Senapati whenever I asked them about Oriya literature and this is one of the few books I found that was translated.I liked the writing to a degree, although I felt like the satire turned into overkill one time too many It was only when I read the introduction that I found out that the narrator is a character himself, the embodiment of the quintessential Oriya touter Perhaps it all reads much better in the original, but in that case, a book with I ve always heard my parents mention Fakir Mohan Sena.

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    An extraordinary novel The social life of Oriya people living under the dual yoke of colonial rule and feudalism is brought to life with such wicked humour.It was such an engrossing read.The writer has also used a very innovative nar...

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