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Cake (Blood Nation, #1) Download Cake Blood Nation, 1 Author Derekica Snake To Be Loved By A Vampire I Ve Been Called Many Names In My Day Most Of Them Weren T Flattering But They Were True I Was A Right Unholy Bastard Eighteen Months Ago, I Was A Fat, Nasty, Legally Blind, Computer Programmer Who Decided To Try His Chubby Hand At Industrial Espionage I Wasn T Good At It I Caught The Attention Of A Vampire Assassin, Marcus He Was Just Supposed To Kill Me But He Wanted Me Instead I Became His Toy For A Year During Which Time He Reshaped My Body Fixed My Vision And Broke Me Psychologically Into Three Pieces On The Anniversary Of My Kidnapping, He Gave Me The Choice To Become An Equal Or Remain A Toy Little Did We Know That He Would Never Be My Equal.

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    I did manage to survive another 10%, totaling 60%, just for the pleasure of giving it 1 star applying the good old rounding up rule Eighteen months ago, I was a fat, nasty, legally blind, computer programmer who decided to try his chubby hand at industrial espionage. Is it just me who feels a little uncomfortable, reading this part You, know me being fa

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    Not rating I had a whole lot of problems with this I just couldn t buy that the main character, sometimes named Sex and other times Xavier, could fall in love with Marcus who brutally raped him to the point of injury while he kept him prisoner for a year At one point Marcus bragged that he had raped him 800 times.At one point he head butted him unconscious a

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    4.25 I was Edward Xavier, the man Not Sex, the slut Marcus was going to find out that I couldn t be manipulated any Stars I knew my parents believed in this crap, but I thought I knew better Vampires were only legends They weren t real They couldn t be real Right Edward was a cruel man, caring about nothing but himself That is until he is kidnapped and tortured f

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    I had put this book on the side because I had thought it would be a great story I finally realized that I had let it sit for too long waiting to enjoy it and pulled it off the shelf to read It was such a disappointment Despite the lovely cover that can suck you in, the three characters depicted are not nearly as lovely in personality.Xavier is kidnapped by Marcus, a v

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    4.5I m still a little shell shocked after reading this book and have no idea how to categorise my feelings when it comes to the characters and their relationships So i m not going to think i m just gonna write what comes to mind no filter god, this should be interesting.Firstly, I don t think i ve ever seen or read so much rape in the storyline of a book as i did in this I

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    CAKE IS YUMMY, YUMMY IN MY TUMMY 4.5More of my reviews and ramblings at PANTS OFF REVIEWSCake is yummy, yummy goodness I have a serious crush on Derekica Snake I would love to be a voyeur in her head I first read an online fic by the author that was recommend by a friend and I fell in love Tentacles for the Bride Bouquet is no longer available to read online, because I think it

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    DNF at 62%This should have totally worked for me It has all the things I love in PNR Vampires Deliciously dark themes Sexy alpha male Some hot menage scenes MC coming into their own baddassnessUmm no The main character, Xavier, was just annoying to say the least He cried for at least 35% of what I read Yeah, yeah, he was abducted and abused for a year and, yes, that s definitely gro

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    ETA 2.17.15 Rereading again for BR in M M Romance group Blood Nation stories, how do I love thee I will say that it s not without its flaws view spoiler cringe worth sex part names and the grammar editing hide spoiler but this is my third time reading and I can not put it down ETA 9.18.2013 Rereading for group still loving Will probably go ahead and reread since I picked up Yay, it s fin

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    I was surprised by the nonstop action in this book Very entertaining The main characters are interesting and sexy, the story is strong Lots of rough wild sex involved too.

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